Composer – Martin Pedersen

Director – Jeppe Kolstrup

Producd by Fern.

The campaign features the amazing actors  – Bodil Jørgensen, Danica Curcic, Alex Høgh Andersen, Carsten Bjørnlund.

Plus the awe-inspiring artists – Kwamie Liv, Mags, Mattias Kolstrup, Klara Mkhatshwa, the duo Laila & Tibe from Pumapunk and four young activists from Fridays for Future Copenhagen – Klimastrejke København.

Features Danish actors, musicians and climate activists with a joint call: Now that we Danes are slowly returning to life as we know it, it’s time to stand together and reject the climate damaging way our society was working before the coronavirus crisis. Instead we need to build back better and create a world where nature can recover.