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Filmmusic is a vital part of a film – It amplifies the spirit of the drama.

Filmmusic can help the film reveal it’s inner life in a way that can’t be fully articulated in any other way. It can deepen the effect of a scene and bring an aspect of the story into sharper focus. It can have a telling effect on how the caracters in the story come across – on how we perceive what they are feeling or thinking.

The more engaging the drama – The truer the story becomes.

As a composer with over a dacade of industry experience, Martin Pedersen has worked on many types of projects. With passion and understanding, he each time try to help the diretor or client tell their story with the key-goal to move the audience in the most unique, powerful and effective way.

Martin Pedersen graduated from the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen i 2009. During his studies he released the cinematic instrumental album “Reflections” which sparked his interest in filmcomposition. Besides his studies he has been producing electronic music in over 15 years. These skills, musical background and experience has given him the advantage to:

– Score in a wide palette of genres.

– Fusing acoustic and electronic elements cross genres and always trying to come up with new ideas within that crossfield.

– Always work within the timeframe and budget.

– Collabrate with other creative people.

After graduating from the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, he has worked on feature films, documentaries, tv-shows, commercials and dance performances. The sound is often a hybrid of electronic and acoustic instruments fused with electronically treated organic sounds.

In 2017 Martin Pedersen was awarded by the Danish Arts Foundation to continue his artistic work.